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#1 White People


Indians love White People. Blame it on the couple of centuries of being a British colony maybe but Indians have always adored and admired white people. A white tourist in India will most certainly tell you stories about flock of children asking for autographs and Indians of all age group asking for pictures to be taken with them. A couple of white people in an Indian restaurant will find fellow diners and passerbys stealing glances and some outrightly staring at them and waiters will give them preferential treatment.

Indians who live in the white people country prefer to live in white neighbourhood and try and avoid workplaces with too many fellow Indians. The white ways of life may be shocking at first but Indians overseas soon realise how practical and convenient the white culture is and spend the rest of their lives balancing their white way of life and preserving Indian values almost wishing sometimes they were born white.

If you work with and intend to be-friend an Indian who has lived in your country for more than 6 months, it’s a good idea to compliment him on his english and tell him you always felt he was born here, you can then expect a curry dinner invitation coming your way the next weekend.

If you are a White girl with any inferiority complex about your physical appearance as compared to your girlfriends, and if you have a bunch of Indian guys at your workplace or school, you can comfort yourself with the fact that half of those Indian boys are highly attracted to you and waiting for an opportunity to hit on you. But don’t be too surprised if all of these Indian boys feel that Indian girls are prettiest on the planet.